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Solution Follow this procedure once you have setup the input on your UC-IRD+ and you already have �Tuner Lock� on green.

Procedure for BISS setup:

1. Press <ENTER>
2. Press the < > or < > -key to roll up and down to select Outputs, then press <ENTER>
3. Press the < > or < > -key to roll up and down to select BISS, then press <ENTER>
4. Select your correct BISS options, use the < > or < > -key to roll up and down and <ENTER> to select your option.

Biss: It includes Biss Mode, Biss 1 Setup and Biss E Setup.
Biss Mode: Set Biss mode, can select OFF, Biss E or Biss 1.
Biss 1 Key enter: set Biss 1, password is required.
Biss E Key enter: set Biss E, ID number and password are required.
Biss source: ASI 1 Input, ASI 2 Input, TUNER, CI de-encrypted and IP.

For example: Select BISS Mode = BISS 1, then input the 12 digits of your BISS 1 Key, then select the BISS Source, for example TUNER.

5. Press <EXIT>
6. Press the < > or < > -key to roll up and down to select Decoder, then press <ENTER>
7. Select your correct options.

Source: Options are: Tuner, ASI 1, ASI 2, BISS De-encrypted, CI De-encrypted, IP. To set the signal source of descrambling select BISS De-encrypted.
Program: under this sub menu, you will see all program names detected by UC-IRD+. Use the < > or < > key to roll up or down between the program names.

A few seconds after the program is selected, the A/V signal will be delivered to the related connectors on the back panel and you should be able to see it on your monitor.
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